15:23-24 And it is indeed We who give life and death, and We are the inheritors. And We have known those who came early amongst you, and We have known those who came late.
The Monotheist Group (The Quran: A Pure and Literal Translation)
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Edip-Layth 89:23 Hell on that day is brought. On that day the human being will remember, but how will the remembrance now help him?
The Monotheist Group 89:23 And Hell on that Day is brought. On that Day man will remember, but how will the remembrance now help him?
Muhammad Asad 89:23 And on that Day hell will be brought [within sight]; on that Day man will remember [all that he did and failed to do]: but what will that remembrance avail him?
Rashad Khalifa 89:23 On that day, Gehenna will be brought forth. On that day, the human being will remember - but what a remembrance - it will be too late.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:23 And Hell is brought close that Day. On that Day man will heed the Advisory, but of what avail will then be the remembrance?
Transliteration 89:23 Wajee-a yawma-ithin bijahannamayawma-ithin yatathakkaru al-insanu waannalahu alththikra
A 89:23 وجاىء يومئذ بجهنم يومئذ يتذكر الانسن وانى له الذكرى
Edip-Layth 89:24 He says: "I wish I had worked towards my life!"
The Monotheist Group 89:24 He says: "I wish I had worked towards my life!"
Muhammad Asad 89:24 He will say, "Oh, would that I had. provided beforehand for my life [to come]!"
Rashad Khalifa 89:24 He will say, "Oh, I wish I prepared for my (eternal) life."
Shabbir Ahmed 89:24 He will say, "Ah, I wish I had sent forth some good for my life!"
Transliteration 89:24 Yaqoolu ya laytanee qaddamtu lihayatee
A 89:24 يقول يليتنى قدمت لحياتى
Edip-Layth 89:25 On that day, no other will bear his punishment.
The Monotheist Group 89:25 On that Day, no other will bear his punishment.
Muhammad Asad 89:25 For, none can make suffer as He will make suffer [the sinners] on that Day,
Rashad Khalifa 89:25 On that day, no retribution could be worse than His retribution.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:25 None chastises as He will chastise on that Day.
Transliteration 89:25 Fayawma-ithin la yuAAaththibuAAathabahu ahadun
A 89:25 فيومئذ لا يعذب عذابه احد
Edip-Layth 89:26 Nor will anyone be able to free his bonds.
The Monotheist Group 89:26 Nor will anyone be able to free his bonds.
Muhammad Asad 89:26 and none can bind with bonds like His.13
Rashad Khalifa 89:26 And no confinement is as effective as His confinement.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:26 And none binds as He binds. 14
Transliteration 89:26 Wala yoothiqu wathaqahu ahadun
A 89:26 ولا يوثق وثاقه احد
Edip-Layth 89:27 "As for you, O the content person."
The Monotheist Group 89:27 "O you soul which is peaceful."
Muhammad Asad 89:27 [But unto the righteous God will say,] "O thou human being that hast attained to inner peace!
Rashad Khalifa 89:27 As for you, O content soul.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:27 But Oh! You human beings that have attained inner peace! 15
Transliteration 89:27 Ya ayyatuha alnnafsualmutma-innatu
A 89:27 يايتها النفس المطمئنة
Edip-Layth 89:28 "Return to your Lord pleasing and pleased."
The Monotheist Group 89:28 "Return to your Lord happy and content."
Muhammad Asad 89:28 Return thou unto thy Sustainer, well-pleased [and] pleasing [Him]:
Rashad Khalifa 89:28 Return to your Lord, pleased and pleasing.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:28 Return to your Lord, pleased and approved.
Transliteration 89:28 IrjiAAee ila rabbiki radiyatanmardiyyatan
A 89:28 ارجعى الى ربك راضية مرضية
Edip-Layth 89:29 "Enter in amongst My servants."
The Monotheist Group 89:29 "And enter in amongst My servants."
Muhammad Asad 89:29 enter, then, together with My [other true] servants –
Rashad Khalifa 89:29 Welcome into My servants.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:29 Enter, then, together with My servants.
Transliteration 89:29 Faodkhulee fee AAibadee
A 89:29 فادخلى فى عبدى
Edip-Layth 89:30 "Enter My Paradise."
The Monotheist Group 89:30 "And enter My Paradise."
Muhammad Asad 89:30 yea, enter thou My paradise!"
Rashad Khalifa 89:30 Welcome into My Paradise.
Shabbir Ahmed 89:30 Yes, enter My Paradise! 16
Transliteration 89:30 Waodkhulee jannatee
A 89:30 وادخلى جنتى
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End Notes
Muhammad Asad - The Message Of Quran
Muhammad Asad - End Note 13 (89:26)
See note 7 on 73:12-13.

Shabbir Ahmed -
Shabbir Ahmed - End Note 14 (89:26)
The logical result of disregarding the Creator's guidance is getting bound by shackles of mental slavery. 7:157

Shabbir Ahmed - End Note 15 (89:27)
By living a life upright 13:28, 91:9

Shabbir Ahmed - End Note 16 (89:30)


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